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Residential Services

We work with buyers and sellers to make dreams come true.  If you want to buy or sell in California we can work with you.


Buyers - we help you get your offers approved. We look for the houses you want, direct you to the services you need to make sure you have a good deal and stay in the process with you until your escrow closes.

Sellers - we have an entire system designed to sell your home. We start with an initial interview to gather as much information about your home and your plans as we can. Then we put together a custom plan to help you sell your home and move to your next destination.


Investors - We have programs to help you purchase residential properties and apartment buildings.


Residential Services
Rent to own program
Cash Buyers Needed


If you are looking to purchase real estate at a discounted price and you wish to be included on our cash buyers list, then we have a program for you.

We work with buyers who can purchase using all cash or who have been pre-approved to use private and hard money loans.  Our cash buyers can close quickly (30 days or less) and have no problem paying a finders fee for bringing them a great deal with equity. If you are serious about wanting to close quickly on a good deal then we should be working together.

Go to our contact tab and let us know what types of deals you purchase, where you prefer to purchase and your price point. We focus in Illinois and Alabama but work in many other states as well.

For options to grow your money


Foreclosure Assistance Program

Sometimes a homeowner finds themselves in a position where they cannot make their mortgage payments. Lenders will only wait so long until they begin the foreclosure process

We have an incredible program designed to help homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage. For homeowners in California we will look at your property and if it meets our criteria we will make an offer.  If not we also have the ability to list your property for sale and will work with you to have a quick sale. Either way, we are committed to helping you out of your foreclosure situation.


Contact us today for more info.

Foreclosure Assistance Program
Lease to Own Program


If you are looking to purchase a home and would like to participate in our Lease to Own Program, contact me today.

We have a program where:

  1. We help you find a house in the area you want to live in

  2. If you can qualify for a lease, you can qualify for our program

  3. We buy the home and rent it back to you with the option to purchase

  4. You buy the home from us in the future

  5. You get your house

  6. We have programs nationwide for lease to own buyers. Contact us.




Real Estate can be complicated. There are a lot of players you have to deal with in a typical transaction (buyers, sellers, attorneys, title companies, escrow companies, realtors, and lenders) and you want to have a professional on your side to assist you with your real estate needs.  Look at how we can help you below;

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