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You Have Greatness Inside of You

You have greatness inside of you. People who have achieved great things in this life did so because at some point in their life they believed it was possible. They reached inside and found the courage to dare to do great things. They won.

It is very hard to achieve greatness when you are unable to envision yourself being great. If you want to find out what you are truly capable of you need to look past the limitations of your life and see the endless possibilities that exist when you believe.

Look at the inventions we have before us that at one time were only a dream;

1) Traveling from one continent to the next would take weeks on a boat. Now an airplane can do it in hours. A boat was a great idea for traveling on water. But airplanes travel in the air. Someone with greatness inside of them had to come up with that idea first.

2) People use to use horses to get around. Now we use cars. Walking has its benefits but you can only go so far on foot. Horses allowed people to get places faster. But cars move even faster. Someone with greatness inside of them came up with that idea.

3) We used paper and pencil to keep notes. Now we use computers. Man has been writing for centuries. But now we use computers. They have replaced the need to depend strictly on paper and pencil. Instead we do more with computers than we ever had before. They allow us to collect and analyze more data than we could have dreamed possible. This is the result of someone having an idea that such a concept would be possible.

4) We looked at the moon. Now we have walked on it while we surveyed it. The moon is over 250,000 miles away and people have dreamed about space travel. Yet some added feet to the dream and we went from looking at the moon to walking on it. Someone with greatness inside of them came up with that idea.

I could go through so many other inventions (the toilet, cell phone, television, microwave, toaster, etc) and the one thing all of these items have in common is that someone with greatness inside of them came up with the idea. The world has been benefiting from this and continues to benefit.

Don't cheat the world of your contribution to things being better for us all. We need your greatness to come out.

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