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A Better Quality of Life Is Possible for All

Ever wonder why so many people go through life appearing to struggle in areas that other people seem to have no problems at all? Why do some struggle while others strive and become great?

A better quality of life is possible to all of us. Yet how can we focus on the events and actions necessary to make our dreams a reality? I believe it starts with understanding the following;

1) Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve - this is the definition of perseverance. Our mind is a great place to birth new ideas. All of the many inventions we enjoy today (airplanes, space shuttles, automobiles, computers and iPods) are all the result of a mind conceiving an idea to make something happen that had never existed before. But it is not enough to conceive a great idea; you must believe it is possible to accomplish. When the odds are stacked against, when we don't have the resources we need to make it so, we believe. We believe against the odds. We focus on seeing what we believe and conceive coming to pass. That is achievement. All things are possible to the person who would dare to believe.

2) You deserve better - why can't things be better for you? Why is it your neighbors can live in nice houses, drive nice cars and experience some of the finer things in life while you struggle? Does that seem fair to you? Not to me. The quality of life you enjoy will be impacted by the environment you are in. To do better you must see better, receive better, embrace better and believe that better is for you as well.

3) You must go after what you want - sitting around and daydreaming about better days, brighter days and greater days ahead means more than looking up into the sky and imagining alone. When I come out of my front door I see a series of mountains in front of me. Each morning I take the time to look at this magnificent sight and imagine how great the mind that thought those mountains up must be. The deliberate, intricate details it would take to make such a mass is breathtaking. I look at those mountains and see that I too can have what I want if I will but possess the strength of character to go after it.

Don't settle for less than the absolute best life has to offer you.

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