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Your Gifts Will Make Room For You

Your gifts will make room for you. They will usher you into the presence of great men and women. They will make you known in the world you live in. And this will ultimately make life not only more enjoyable but memorable as well.

Each of us has been given a set of gifts. My gifts are not your gifts. My gifts belong to me and are for me. Your gifts belong to you and are for you alone. These gifts make us special when compared to everyone else we come in contact with.

Why do we each have gifts? Because we are all unique individuals. We have been blessed to enjoy so many wonderful talents that when we learn how to use them, they can take us to some incredible places. They open doors of opportunities for us to things we have never seen.

Let me offer you some information about your gifts and how they can make the life you live very special

1) You are special - there is no one else in the world quite like you. Some people resemble you but they are not you. They may sound like you, laugh like you and even cry like you. But they are not you.

We are special because we are so different. We live our lives as individuals and do what we feel we should be doing when we feel we should be doing it.

2) You are gifted. The talents and abilities we have shape our personalities. Maybe it's singing (look at the many beautiful voices we enjoy but the singers we listen to). It could be painting (as when we visit a museum or an art gallery). Cooking. Swimming. Dancing. Playing musical instruments. The list goes on and on.

3) You are cool. Many times as we get older we feel like we have just had it. We can no longer related to the communities that surround us. We are out of touch with today's reality. That is so far from the truth. Even if you are not as hip as some, cool is still in you.

4) You are a winner - Winning is in you. Getting to the top of your endeavors and making strides in your career goals should be everyone's goal. The way to get to the top is to achieve on a high level utilizing the gifts you have.

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