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The Laws of Wealth Work for Anyone - Part I

Ever wonder why "the rich continue to get richer and the poorer keep on getting poorer?" Why some people seem to come into abundant living with relative ease while others struggle and strive their whole lives and never seem to quite enter in?

I have. And because of the things that happened to me in the past I was prompted to look into what was going on with my finances.

We all have heard the story of go to school, get your degree, get a job, work, retire and live happily ever after. But as the last few years have taught us this is a fairy tale. There is no guarantees in this life so even if we do these things, we can still end up miserable.

I want to share with you what I have found in my journey to increase my personal wealth. I hope these principles from the Laws of Wealth will help you as well;

1) Understand that accumulating wealth is intentional, not an accident - Consider the farmer who goes out into the spring and looks at his fields. He understands that in order to have a great harvest in the fall it will all depend on what he does in the spring. A good saying to remember when it comes to accumulating wealth is to take the advice of a wise farmer; "in the spring, you sow; in the summer you grow; in the fall you reap so that in the winter you can eat." This principles applies to those of us who want to accumulate wealth. There must be intentional and purpose for accumulation to occur.

2) Understand wealth is a mentality not known to the poor - people who accumulate wealth think a certain way and those who don't think that way seldom if ever accumulate.

Wealthy people think in terms of abundance. They don';t see the cup as half full. They don't believe we have shortages or that there is not enough. To them they will always have all they need and more.

The rest of the world tends to think in terms of shortage. Whenever something happens in the economy the first thought is "we don't have enough, we wont have enough. We are poor and will be poor because this is how it is and how it will be".

To get past the problems that scarcity and poverty provides, we must focus on the fact that this world is full of opportunities and blessings. Wealthy people go out and get because they expect it.

You should too!

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