The Best Life Possible

Life is such a precious thing. It is the essence of being. We get the word "alive" from looking at a life. How is your life going? Are you feeling good about yourself and the direction you are headed. Do you love yourself? Do you love life? Or have you had a few hard times, hit a few bumps in the road? Are you discouraged because things have not been going as you planned? Into every life a little rain must fall (although sometimes it feels like a monsoon). None of us can live without having a few things go wrong for us. It's not the things that go wrong that determine our quality of life; it's how we internalize what has happened to us and what we do about it. When it is raining, do we stand

A Better Quality of Life Is Possible for All

Ever wonder why so many people go through life appearing to struggle in areas that other people seem to have no problems at all? Why do some struggle while others strive and become great? A better quality of life is possible to all of us. Yet how can we focus on the events and actions necessary to make our dreams a reality? I believe it starts with understanding the following; 1) Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve - this is the definition of perseverance. Our mind is a great place to birth new ideas. All of the many inventions we enjoy today (airplanes, space shuttles, automobiles, computers and iPods) are all the result of a mind conceiving an idea to make something

Being One with Oneself

Did you know the greatest enemy you have to your future success is someone you meet every morning. That's right. You see them often. You talk to them everyday. And depending on how the conversation goes, you may be depressed by them each day. Where do I meet them, you ask? When do I talk to them? Every morning when you go into the bathroom, look into the mirror and greet yourself. If you are not careful, you can become your own worst enemy. How, you ask? By talking down to yourself, talking bad about yourself and encouraging yourself in all of your faults. Happiness is a state of mind; joy is a state of being. Happiness is based on your interpretation of your circumstances. It's not what hap

You Can Fix It

Life is not fair. Sad statement but true nevertheless. We would love to think that everyone starts off on the same page and has the same opportunities but it's not like that. Some of us do start way behind the starting line. There is no way to discount obvious advantages. If you had the privilege of growing up in a home with 2 loving parents who nurtured you, cared for you and showed you unconditional love, then you begin life from the perspective of "universal acceptance." In your world, you found acceptance early. Your self- esteem has a great chance of being strong. But think about all the people who did not grow up with those advantages. Maybe you didn't have 2 accepting parents. Maybe y

Living A Life That Matters

If you are alive today then you have two choices; you can live a life that has no real substance or you can live a life that matters. What's the difference? To get up every day, go to work, come home, relax, spend time with family and loved ones only to go to bed and repeat that cycle every day is not a fulfilling life. Yes, it is functional. It may even pay the bills. But your life is about much more than just paying the bills. No matter what accomplishments you may be able to do in your lifetime, the things that will have the longest lasting effect are the things you do that impact another person's life in a positive way. To feed the hungry when you are able to eat each day and make that h

Finding Success As You Fail

Failure is not optional. It is a part of living. There is no way to succeed in anything unless you can dealing with failing at some times. Failure is the prelude to great success. When you try to hit a home run, you have to be ready for a strikeout on occasion. "Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don't fail overnight; failure is a few errors in judgment, repeated every day - Jim Rohn" "I do not believe in failure; It is not failure if you enjoy the process.- Oprah Winfrey." We all make mistakes. And we have to take the time to learn from them, otherwise it is a waste of time. Look at some of the legends we all appreciate and look up to. Michael Jordan missed thousands of shots i

You Have Greatness Inside of You

You have greatness inside of you. People who have achieved great things in this life did so because at some point in their life they believed it was possible. They reached inside and found the courage to dare to do great things. They won. It is very hard to achieve greatness when you are unable to envision yourself being great. If you want to find out what you are truly capable of you need to look past the limitations of your life and see the endless possibilities that exist when you believe. Look at the inventions we have before us that at one time were only a dream; 1) Traveling from one continent to the next would take weeks on a boat. Now an airplane can do it in hours. A boat was a grea

Set Up For Failure In A Sales Career

There are those who aspire to a career in Insurance sales. This choice can lead exceptional financial rewards, prestige and a solid profession. There are many benefits with a career in Insurance sales. Yet when people apply to become an agent I find that the depiction of the new career tells only one side. New agents hear about the money, freedom, positions and benefits of the position. Yet there is always another side to any story. That story not only shares the positive but the negative aspects to the decision to pursue this career. I am not a negative person. But it is time to share the story so that people know exactly what they are getting into before they make the decision. Consider th

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