The Laws of Wealth Are For Anyone - Part III

Wealth is gotten on purpose. It can happen by accident, as when you just happen to buy the next hot stock before it explodes but those situations are not common. For the most part people accumulate wealth through following certain laws and adhering to certain mindsets. Today I want to talk to you about putting the laws of savings and investing to work for you. Let us begin by exploring what the difference is between the two; Savings - this is money you put up for the rainy day. It's where you keep your emergency fund or savings to pay for the new tires you want to purchase. Savings accounts typically follow these guidelines; 1) Money is easily accessible - you can get to it with relative eas

The Laws of Wealth Are For Anyone - Part II

We began this series of articles talking about the Laws of Wealth. These laws exist and those who accumulate large sums of wealth have not only learned these laws but apply them consistently to their every business and investing lives. We look at the mentality of the wealthy. Today I want to explore the concept of "learn to pay yourself first". I suggest 10% of what you take home. This seems like a pretty straightforward concept but sadly, most people do not adhere to this principle. I know I didn't for years. The reason was real simple; I barely had enough to cover my expenses. I certainly couldn't put any money aside. Let me show you what I have learned about this principle. For starters,

The Laws of Wealth Work for Anyone - Part I

Ever wonder why "the rich continue to get richer and the poorer keep on getting poorer?" Why some people seem to come into abundant living with relative ease while others struggle and strive their whole lives and never seem to quite enter in? I have. And because of the things that happened to me in the past I was prompted to look into what was going on with my finances. We all have heard the story of go to school, get your degree, get a job, work, retire and live happily ever after. But as the last few years have taught us this is a fairy tale. There is no guarantees in this life so even if we do these things, we can still end up miserable. I want to share with you what I have found in my jo

Your Gifts Will Make Room For You

Your gifts will make room for you. They will usher you into the presence of great men and women. They will make you known in the world you live in. And this will ultimately make life not only more enjoyable but memorable as well. Each of us has been given a set of gifts. My gifts are not your gifts. My gifts belong to me and are for me. Your gifts belong to you and are for you alone. These gifts make us special when compared to everyone else we come in contact with. Why do we each have gifts? Because we are all unique individuals. We have been blessed to enjoy so many wonderful talents that when we learn how to use them, they can take us to some incredible places. They open doors of opportun

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