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The Truth About Real Estate Gurus - Part II

If you watch TV you will see programs that deal with renovating real estate for sale ( Flip That House, Flipping Boston, Flip or Flop, Love It or List It, Property Brothers, Flipping Vegas to name a few). I like watching these programs and watching homes that were previously wrecked turned around and made nice.

Real Estate Gurus use the success of these programs to "prey" upon an innocent public with promises of becoming rich in real estate. I find it sickening to think that many people have lost thousands of dollars on these classes and programs yet have not gotten a return on the investment.

Let me tell you some of the things I find with this type of marketing to the public;

1) You can become financially independent investing in real estate - yes, you can. Most wealthy people have real estate in their portfolio. It is a great investment vehicle and can offer many benefits to its owner.

2) Anyone can flip houses and make money - this is not true. To accurately flip a house you need to know how to purchase at the right, discounted price; you need to know how to negotiate a good deal on the renovations; you need a General Contractor who will work with you; you need a Realtor to sell your home. This is not something you can learn in 3 days and do effectively.

The reason I know this to be true (if some doubt it) is that once you ask each guru to furnish you with the % of students who make no money taking their class, the number will amaze you. There is a small number of successful students (those who at least recoup their initial investment for the class). The only person getting rich off of real estate is the guru getting rich off of the classes.

3) All you need is to pay for a class - this is a lie. If all you need is to take a class to be successful, colleges would be filled with successful students.

4) If you attend a class and don't succeed, it's the student's fault - I hate this concept most of all.

To blame students because the teaching is not effective is not how good teachers teach. If your students do not achieve the results promised, the problem may be the teacher or the material.

I believe in real estate and I know you need specialized knowledge in the subject to be successful. However I don't think anyone can go to a 3 day seminar, pay thousands of dollars to a teacher and end up rich. It is not good business and not practical.

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