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The Best Life Possible

Life is such a precious thing. It is the essence of being. We get the word "alive" from looking at a life.

How is your life going? Are you feeling good about yourself and the direction you are headed. Do you love yourself? Do you love life?

Or have you had a few hard times, hit a few bumps in the road? Are you discouraged because things have not been going as you planned?

Into every life a little rain must fall (although sometimes it feels like a monsoon). None of us can live without having a few things go wrong for us. It's not the things that go wrong that determine our quality of life; it's how we internalize what has happened to us and what we do about it.

When it is raining, do we stand around and complain or go get an umbrella? Do we rejoice in hardship (not FOR hardships but while we are IN them)? Do we see the cup as half empty or half full? Do we look for the good or focus on the bad?

I consider myself to be a pretty optimistic person. Yet I noticed that over the years as I have faced my own challenges, I spent more time talking about what is wrong, why it is wrong, where do I go from here instead of accepting the bad, looking for the good and making decisions that would ultimately lead me out of the mess.

I want to encourage you today to "live your life". Look for the good in every situation. See how you can turn lemons into lemonade, tragedy into triumph and losing into winning.

Here are a few tips on how to live your life;

1) With a dream - children are guilty of being big dreams. But as we grow up our dreams get crushed. We are told we can not do something, should not do something, will not do something. Many have been called stupid and unrealistic for dreaming. Keep your dreams!

2) With great expectancy - get up each day and believe "the rest of my life will be the best of my life". Your best days are not behind you but ahead. See your future filled with hope and expectancy.

3) With hope - hope will get you up when you are sick. Hope will make you believe when the doctor says you are done. Hope will cause you to see farther than your eyes will allow. Helen Keller said "what is worse than no eyes is to have eyes with no vision".

What do you see for your life today? I hope you see the world is in front of your waiting for you to arrive and show up.

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