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You Can Fix It

Life is not fair. Sad statement but true nevertheless. We would love to think that everyone starts off on the same page and has the same opportunities but it's not like that. Some of us do start way behind the starting line.

There is no way to discount obvious advantages. If you had the privilege of growing up in a home with 2 loving parents who nurtured you, cared for you and showed you unconditional love, then you begin life from the perspective of "universal acceptance." In your world, you found acceptance early. Your self- esteem has a great chance of being strong.

But think about all the people who did not grow up with those advantages. Maybe you didn't have 2 accepting parents. Maybe you didn't even have one. Instead of finding love, your earlier experiences with childhood may be filled with rejection, separation and even isolation. Your self- esteem has been attacked and you could feel a lot of hurt.

Sometimes people say that growing up in these two different situations don't make a difference. You live in the land of opportunity. You can be whatever you set your mind to. Those statements are true but they fail to take into account the position one is in when their past is so marred with disappointment.

You can fix it! You can still turn lemons into lemonade and enjoy a full life. Your past does not have to dictate your future. The answer to your future happiness lies within you. Let me share with you why I am saying this;

1) How do you view your past- Thomas Edison failed over 1000 times in his efforts to create a light bulb. Yet when asked about these failures his response was " I found 1000 ways it will not work. That's progress". Remember, it is not what happens to you that determines your future; it is how you choose to interpret those events.

2) What do you say about your past - do you talk about all the people who didn't do right by you or do you focus on those did? Maybe mom or dad wasn't there but grandma and grandpa was. Maybe your spouse was unfaithful but you have a friend who stuck by you closer than a brother. Look to focus on the good and speak good things about it.

3) What does your future look like- do you see gloom and doom? Do you see thunderstorms, tornadoes and earthquakes ahead? Or do you see darkness today but know the sun is coming out in the morning? Yes, it is hard today but it is not permanent. Even bad days are temporary.

You can fix it! Don't quit. And never, ever, give up.

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