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Success Leaves Clues

Success, like failure, is not an accident. It happens on purpose, whether we strive to do so or not.

There have been many books written about it, lectures and seminars given on it and yet even today many people are striving to find the key to lasting success.

What is success? It has different meanings to different people. Consider the following;

1) Family - for some having a happy, functional family with universal acceptance is success

2) Health - for some being healthy each day is a sign of success

3) Wealth - to others, you are not successful if you are broke

4) Prestige - being recognized as a leader in your field is success to many.

You have to determine your personal definition for success. What is success to some will not be the same to others. This definition will help you to identify what steps you need to take in order to reach the levels of success you hope for.

To begin this journey, I want to give you what I am calling Success Principle 101:

"You must take 100% personal responsibility for your life" Period! No exceptions, no excuses.

The tendency for many is to find blame for all the shortcomings in their lives. Yet nothing is further from the truth. In order to find lasting success, you must be responsible. You are not responsible for all that happens to you. But you are responsible for how you respond to all that happens to you.

Is the cup half full or half empty? Is the impossible possible or highly improbable? Can you make it or are you doomed to failure? Too many people blame their lot in life to someone else (I didn't have a father, my mother didn't love me, my siblings hated me, my boss held me back) or to something ( I don't have a college education, I don't have the skills, I lack the experience, I am the wrong gender, wrong color and the list goes on).

And the list goes on.

True success will always allude us if we fail to realize that no one is to blame for how our lives turn out. You cannot impact what happens to you (sudden death of a loved one, unexpected illness, job loss, etc) but you have 100% control over how you choose to respond to adversity. And it is your choice.

I want to encourage each and every one of you who wishes to have lasting success in life; Take responsibility for your actions.

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